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13655Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien on Film

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  • Stolzi
    Jan 24, 2005
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      I am signed up to receive TMatt's columns regularly and he and I already
      discussed this one; I had to tell him that "eucatastrophe" does NOT "blend
      Eucharist and catastrophe," linguistically speaking. But it was too late
      for him to correct the published version.

      Tolkien explains in "On Fairy-Stories," which as you say, the NZers did not
      read, that he coined this term for the "turn" at the end of a fairy-story,
      what is commonly called the "happy ending."

      It is taken from "catastrophe" (of course) and the Greek root "eu-" for
      "good," which is =part= of the word "Eucharist," which literally means
      "thanksgiving." (From eu- "good" plus "charis" grace, favor)

      Tolkien also refers more than once in that section of "On Fairy-Stories" to
      the Gospel, calling it "Evangelium" in Latin, which is again related to the
      same root, "eu-angelion" = "Good News."

      I told Terry that of course the Eucharist (Mass, Lord's Supper) spells out
      sacramentally some of the meanings of the Gospel. But it is primarily to
      the "happy ending" of the Gospel that Tolkien is referring, rather than to
      this specific sacrament..

      Carl will correct me where I am wrong, I can be assured :)

      Wish I knew whether =my= copy of TOLKIEN ON FILM is on its way. I sent a
      check, before the Paypal was set up, and didn't send xactly the right

      Diamond Proudbrook
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