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13648Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien on Film

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  • David Bratman
    Jan 23, 2005
      I could not at first find the reference on Hugh Hewitt's blog (at
      <http://www.hughhewitt.com/>, by the way), but that turned out to be
      because I was doing a word search for "Tolkien" and Hewitt spells it
      "Tolkein". Anyway, a direct link is at
      <http://www.hughhewitt.com/#postid1310>. It's jut a reference, not a
      review or comment or anything.

      The link takes you to Mark Shea's web page at
      <http://www.mark-shea.com/books.html>, where Shea, who does know how to
      spell "Tolkien", makes it clear that he is only a contributor, and
      reproduces the book cover with Janet's name as editor clearly visible. So
      there may not be too much confusion on that point. But Shea describes the
      book as consisting of essays "on these great film adaptations," and his use
      of the word "great" makes me wonder if he's read the rest of the book. Of
      course I haven't read the rest of the book either (I haven't received a
      copy yet), but I know what I said.

      At 08:10 AM 1/23/2005 -0600, Ted Sherman wrote:
      >Was just reading Hugh Hewitt¹s blog and noticed he has a link to Tolkien on
      >Film up; he misattributes the book to Mark Shea, not Janet Brennan Croft, so
      >I have written him with the clarification. But Hugh has a huge readership so
      >we might see some large orders coming through for the book. Yea!
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