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13644A Call for Papers

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  • Joe R. Christopher
    Jan 21, 2005
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      I just sent the following call for papers to cfp@..., and it
      occurs to me that some members of this group might be interested (esp. with
      the request for one paper on Tolkien). --Joe

      Call for Papers (20 min. reading time)
      Science Fiction and Fantasy Section, South Central Modern Language Association
      Deadline for submission: 15 March 2005

      SCMLA will meet on the Warwick Hotel in downtown Houston TX on 27-29
      October 2005. The theme for the conference, in "Space City," is "Literary
      Space(s)." The theme for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Section is based
      on that: "Literary Times(s) and Space(s)." This is general enough to allow
      almost any discussion of science fiction and/or fantasy, albeit with some
      emphasis on setting; it also allows for some more theoretic discussions of
      science fiction/fantasy settings--internal or external. In addition to
      that, the organizer would like _one_ good discussion of _The Lord of the
      Rings_, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of _The
      Return of the King_. Anyone whose paper is accepted must be (or then join,
      becoming) a member of SCMLA.

      Please send papers or abstracts by 15 March 2005 (or queries before that)
      to Joe R. Christopher, English Department, Box T-0300, Tarleton State
      University, Stephenville TX 76402; or to <jchristopher@...>.