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13603Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien Centenary Conference Proceedings

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  • David Bratman
    Jan 3, 2005
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      Joan Marie Verba writes partially and misleadingly on the subject of
      Mythopoeic Press books.

      Unless she has entirely forgotten her tenure as Mythopoeic Press Secretary,
      she will remember establishing a policy to allow books to exhaust their
      print run and then go out of print. Perhaps this policy was changed after
      my time, but since it was the policy over which I left the Council, if it
      has been changed it was uncommonly thoughtless for nobody to inform me of
      this. If it has not been changed (and even if it has) it was either
      totally disingenuous or uncharacteristically forgetful of Joan not to
      mention it in her reply.

      I should add that this policy was established despite my making sure to
      request that the contract for the book that I edited (The Masques of Amen
      House) did include a clause allowing us to negotiate payment with the
      copyright holders for a reprint, if desired.

      I do not remember whether the subject of future reprints of the TCC ever
      came up during the long and wearying process of negotiating for the
      publication of that book. But I would be very surprised if it did not.

      I should also add that the Society Orders Department has been, on orders
      from customers, running off photocopies of out-of-print Mythlores for years
      without ANY contract with the contributors to do so.

      David Bratman
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