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13310Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1740

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  • Katie Glick
    Dec 2, 2004
      >Frankly, I didn't feel the urge to scroll down, given the first couple of
      >posts I saw. I'll hear about this little anecdote some other time I

      Oops ... I'm sorry about that ... I was indeed referring to the
      comment that came below. It was so long that when I was finished
      reading it I forgot about what was at that the top. I didn't mean to
      offend anyone and I have no affiliation with that website, it was just
      what I happened to read. Here are some better links. I think this is a
      story with two different, very strong viewpoints, so in the interest
      of fairness, I have posted first the Reuters story reporting on the
      banning of the Declaration of Independence which contains the
      teacher's side of the story, and the second is a website that tries to
      get the school's side of the story, reporting on the strong (or
      exclusive) religious content of the lesson plan, parent complaints
      about this teacher, etc.



      Anyway, I guess I should stop with this now, since I'm not being
      mytheopeic at all.

      I am finding the freenmasonry discussion fascinating, but haven't
      anything to add, as I am not knowledgable in that area.

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