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13266Re: cultural mutual incomprehension

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  • Katie
    Dec 2, 2004
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, David Bratman <dbratman@e...> wrote:
      > Second, nobody banned the Declaration of Independence anywhere.
      This claim
      > also is barely recognizable as a crude distortion of the story of a
      > - at a public school - who was ordered to stop distributing to his
      > handouts of his own devising which were attempts to propagandize for his
      > religious views.

      Heh. I was just coming here to write this. It was bad enough when it
      was just a school in California "banning" the Declaration of
      Independence, now it is the entire state that has banned the
      Declaration of Independence (and has apparently been renamed--because
      we hate freedom and love porn! Yay porn!)

      Really, this is the kind of attitude that leads to this disconnect. My
      upstairs neighbour has a sign in his window that says "Middle America
      Sucks." I hate looking at it. With signs like that and nicknames like
      Kalipornea, etc. the disconnect only grows wider. It's not an "east
      coast" or "west coast" or "midwest" disconnect. It is a nationwide
      disconnect that allows us to be believe that geography can somehow
      dictate people's personalities, intelligence and morality. It's dumb
      and it's hurtful. I'll respect people for who they are, not where they
      live and I kindly ask that others do the same for me.

      Also, here's a good link with an explanation of the declaration of
      independence story:


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