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13258Re: [mythsoc] cultural mutual incomprehension

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  • Berni Phillips
    Dec 1, 2004
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      From: "steve" <sschaper@...>

      > Berni, you have ostraca written on with Sharpies? ;-)

      I have no idea what you mean by this. Sharpies, I know -- I use them in my
      job every day.

      > I think that the discussion about the 'disconnect' is about how the US
      > is now more or less two nations, the urban centers having one culture,
      > and the small town and rural areas having another. A look at the
      > county-by-county voting map is instructive.

      And this relates to mythopoeic literature how? I know I asked what
      exactly DJ meant, and I suspected she meant this, but I wanted her
      to spell it out. Nonetheless, it is extremely off-topic and insulting to
      many of us.

      >It may well be that we are also clueless as to theirs, in
      > spite of cable. Twas in Kalipornea that the Declaration of Independence
      > was banned, not Kanawha, Iowa, after all.

      We are not cable people ourselves. And I don't know what this "Kalipornea"
      is. I happen to live in California, and if you are calling my state, the
      land I love, that obnoxious term above, I see we have nothing to discuss.
      Many of us Californians are devout Christians -- not that that has anything
      to do with this, either (and is also off-topic). To imply that the entire
      state is involved with the porn business is extremely insulting and

      And that's the last I have to say regarding this. I will go back to just
      blocking particular e-mail addresses so I don't have to read stuff

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