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13255Re: [mythsoc] News from Ansible

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  • ChessQu654@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2004
      In a message dated 11/16/04 12:23:26 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      pflabaki2@... writes:

      > Sorry for the delay, Christine. Personal issues have kept me from my email
      > for more than a month. I am in Buffalo, NY.


      No worries about the delay. Sorry to hear you are having personal issues.
      Guess it happens to all of us at some time - makes us appreciate the quiet times.

      Buffalo sounds like an awfully cold place to be through winter. It gets
      pretty cold here in New Jersey. My parents and brother are moving to North
      Carolina in June, but I think having the change of seasons is great!

      Do you belong to a smial? All this organized Tolkien stidy is new to me. I
      just love his work, and that of C.S. Lewis. Currently, I am jobhunting. When I
      am more financially stable, I hope to become more active. Right now, all I am
      doing is job hunting, interviewing, working part-time, filling out graduate
      school aplications, and studying for GREs and the vet tech exam. I work as a vet
      tech, and can get better paid with certification. Not to mention, if I move
      out of NJ, most other states require it.

      What type of work do you do? It seems many people on this list work in fields
      involving literature and writing. Am I inaccurate?

      Best regards,
      Christine (VanSaders) who rarely posts but enjoys reading everything

      " The impossible just takes a little longer."
      ~ Author Unknown ~

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