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13251[mythsoc] Shakespeare moments

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    Dec 1, 2004
      Saw *Midsummer's Night's Dream* at Actors' Theatre in Louisville.
      Wonderful! They had some of the actors wrapped in green cloth, looking
      much like mounds and nothing but a bare star-spangled sky. The mounds
      began to move, and out came the denizens of Faerie! Magical, and it
      transported the audience to that world. I was held for the duration of that

      And I loved Kenneth Brannagh's Hamlet. (Mel Gibson's, too). But my fave
      Brannagh was Henry V. ---djb

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      Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 14:57:14 EST
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      I learned to love Shakespeare by reading a lot of English history and
      to performances of the plays.

      Yes, there's nothing like seeing a good performance. I'm an English major
      and of course I'd read Hamlet many times--but the reall eye-opener for me
      seeing Branaugh's full 4-hour version on television.

      I thought I OUGHT to see it, didn't think I could spare four hours (and I'm

      not really a big fan of Branaugh either) so I thought I would dip in for a
      minutes "just to see how they're going to handle the setting."

      Well, needless to say, for four hours I sat there absolutely mesmerized.
      Never second guess the Bard! The story moved faster than any cut-down
      I've ever seen and the plot was crystal clear. Even the Player-King's
      speech (so
      dull on the page) functioned just as it did in Shgakespeare's day--as an
      oration designed to give an aging player (Charlton Heston in this case) a
      to chew a little scenery.

      Of course part of the fun was spotting the celebrity cameos too....


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