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12968RE: [mythsoc] News from Ansible

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  • David Bratman
    Sep 26, 2004
      Actually there have been a number of marriages in the Mythopoeic Society,
      particularly in the early years, though not all of them lasted.

      On the other hand, I belonged to the MythSoc as a single man for 12 years
      and never got so much as one date out of it. Not that I was trying too
      hard: I was making many friends, single and married, of both sexes, and
      didn't want to risk spoiling that love by trying to interject a different
      one. I met my wife-to-be not here at all, but while Regency dancing
      (something else I'd done for ten years before it led to any dates).
      However a reader she certainly was, and taking her to MythSoc events
      considerably advanced our relationship.

      David Bratman
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