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12942RE: [mythsoc] News from Ansible

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  • David Bratman
    Sep 20, 2004
      At 08:06 AM 9/20/2004 -0500, Janet Croft wrote:
      >While I started dating my husband-to-be because I saw him checking Lord
      >of the Rings out at the library where we both worked!

      What, he didn't already own a copy?

      I've only ever checked out two books by Tolkien from libraries in my entire
      life, I think. (The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, immediately after first
      reading LOTR and before discovering I could get it in The Tolkien Reader;
      and Beowulf and the Critics, which I haven't shelled out for yet.)
      Everything else I've bought, usually immediately.

      David Bratman
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