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12941Mythopoeic Society name (was Trademarking Tolkien)

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  • David Bratman
    Sep 20, 2004
      At 05:41 AM 9/20/2004 -0400, Wendell Wagner wrote:

      >Yes, because Glen GoodKnight was pretentious and decided to call the group
      >the Mythopoeic Society instead of the Tolkien-Lewis-Williams Society, it
      >appears that we're not the target of this, at least so far.

      Nothing to do with being pretentious: Glen thought that something like
      "Tolkien-Lewis-Williams Society" would be both an awkward name and a
      limiting concept. Though he was always an advocate of _focusing_ on the
      core authors, he never intended the Society to be _limited_ to discussing
      them. He picked the word "mythopoeic" as the best word available to
      describe what he thought the three Inklings' works had in common - and one
      which would keep our interests in other fantasy literature from getting too
      diffuse and indiscriminate.

      Glen came to feel in later years that the MythSoc had in fact grown too far
      away from the Inklings and too diffuse in its interests. On the latter
      point, at least, I disagreed. I am struck with, compared to the general
      run of fantasy fandom, how closely the Society sticks to quality work in
      recent fantasy, but specifically mythopoeic fantasy. Our list of Mythcon
      author GoHs, in particular, has mostly been a sterling collection of the
      best in mythopoeic fantasy, and by no means a list of Big Names in the
      fantasy field.

      David Bratman