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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Feb 25, 1999
      At 05:55 AM 2/25/99 EST, LeslieJ55@... wrote:
      >From: LeslieJ55@...
      >Any old Mythies out there from 69-76 Los Angeles?

      Hi -

      Lisa Deutsch, San Fernando Valley, 1968-1970 (then I moved to Santa Cruz).
      It was Paula Sigman's fault! There were only two or three branches when I
      joined. Mythprint was the only publication. Glen GoodKnight went to every
      branch meeting. Bonnie Callahan was Bonnie Bergstrom, and Sherwood Smith was
      Christine Smith. They are both still active! How many other maiden names can
      I drag up?

      Lots of us oldtimers still running about after all these years. Must be
      crazy about fantasy, or something...

      What's your full name? I'm lousy at remembering names, but I might remember

      Mythically yours,

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