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12756Re: [mythsoc] Stardust by Neil Gaiman

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  • Berni Phillips
    Aug 3, 2004
      From: "Fisher, Matt" <matt.fisher@...>

      > Joan,
      > > I read Stardust while I was in San Diego. I understand that this title
      > > won a Mythopoeic Fantasy award. What I don't understand is
      > > how it won a
      > > Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. I found the novel flat, uninspiring, and not
      > > particularly well written.
      > >
      > > Were the other nominees that year really that bad?
      > Looking over the list of finalists from that year (I was on the
      committee), my recollection is that I found several of the titles just as
      weak (in different ways)...particularly the Klein and Stoddard.

      Sometimes the award winner is a compromise book. I wasn't on the committe
      that year, but I recall discussing the stuff at the time and while _The High
      House_ may have been mythopoeic, some people didn't find it a very good

      The former awards administrator told me that someone once actually nominated
      a book for the award with the stirring recommendation of, "It's not very
      good but it's very mythopoeic." This was quite some time before 1999 so it
      was not any of the nominees that year.

      I liked _Stardust_ quite a lot the first time I read it. I re-read it
      recently (since I was re-reading Gaiman's stuff for Mythcon) and had the
      reaction you did this time, Joan. I did not enjoy it anywhere near as much.

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