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12707RE: [mythsoc] Re: Capitalist horror of HARRY POTTER

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  • darancgrissom@sbcglobal.net
    Jul 21, 2004
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      You know I've been experiencing some of this type of anti capitalist media
      from France for awhile now. My favorie example had to do with an exhibit of
      Soviet era art work that was displayed both in Paris and New York. The
      article in the Times talked about the subtle ways in which the state
      sponsored artists protested Soviet Russia in the details of the paintings.
      Another article form a French newspaper a friend living in the UK sent me (I
      don't know which paper, the article was clipped rather severly and so may be
      one of the specifically social Paris papers) never mentioned the protests in
      the paintings but talked about the wonderful art that the Former Soviet
      Union had created with its state sponsored art programs. Fantasy has
      traditionally not found a friend in socialist states where the focus seems
      almost totally on socio economics. It dosen't do well in facist states
      either for the same reason. If your trying to sell fantasy, Monarchies and
      Republics are your best bet. Historically speaking. I cite America, The
      British Empire, the Roman Republic, and the Achean League.

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