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12587RE: [mythsoc] Tolkien on Audio CD?

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  • David Bratman
    Jul 11, 2004
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      The intro/outro music, which I thought canned and artificial, was the only
      thing I didn't like about Martin Shaw's fine reading of The Silmarillion.

      - David Bratman

      At 09:57 PM 7/11/2004 -0500, A. Veldhuis wrote:
      >Yes, Martin Shaw's reading is amazing. I do not exaggerate. His voice is
      >flowing, deep, and rich, and he gives emotion to the narrative. The part
      >where he is reading Eônwë's greeting to Eärendil gives me the chills, it is
      >so good; and the part at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad when Fingon calls out, "aure
      >entuluva!". I have listened to it three and a half times already. And I
      >personally like the music that they use at the beginning and end; I think it
      >adds to it. He does try to pronounce the names as accurately as possible,
      >and for the most part does a good job. I highly recommend Martin's Shaw's
      >reading of the Silmarillion. I love it.
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