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12568Thanks for the tips! -- Re: Tolkien on Audio CD?

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  • Leelan
    Jul 11, 2004
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      That's "The Silmarrillion" with Martin Shaw and the BBC "LotR" BBC
      Production directed by Brian Sibley and Michael Blakewell starring Ian
      Holm and Michael Horndern.

      One of my former professors mentioned something about a recording of
      "The Silmarrillion" at a public lecture just a month before the first
      movie. Didn't catch which recording then. This just might be it.

      Very OT!

      I have enjoyed seeing Michael Horndern's work very much. One that I
      catch every year is Alistair Sim's "A Christmas Carol". I like his
      Marley best of all that I have seen - but maybe that is because his
      performance is in my favorite production of "A-C-C"? Naaa. I think I
      have enjoyed most of what I have seen him do.

      BTW I heard that in August Disney is releasing "The Scarecrow of
      Romney Marsh" in which he stars along with Patrick McGoohan. This as a
      chilhood favorite of mine that is long overdue to be released on DVD.
      (Now if only Thorndike's book would be reprinted...)

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