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12565Re: Tolkien on Audio CD?

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  • Leelan
    Jul 11, 2004
      > >There was another in a green box that might have been the BBC
      > >version that was just too bad for words. There seemed to be a roving
      > >reporter telling the story and interviewing the cast. Bilbo came
      > >across as very tongue-in-cheek. I don't recommend it.
      > Ah, I see the glass isn't half-full when _you_ don't like the contents.

      Well... The glass isn't half full if it is empty. If it's crap, it's

      ( And I didn't mean that personally what I said earlier. I don't know
      you well enough. It's just that in the brief time that I have read
      your posts I have not seen much said that was positive. I was just
      trying to lighten the mood. )

      That recording just seemed to be "talking down" to its audience from
      the first minute. I could not believe it was being taken seriously at all.

      Now if it had found a way to laugh WITH the story rather than just
      laughing AT it, it might have been alright. But as it was - and at
      that price!!! - it was insulting.


      For example, Peter David's "Knight Life" laughs WITH the Authurian
      story without making fun of it. If something is done with respect I
      can accept it. But is there is no respect? "Fuh'ged aboudid."

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