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12545RE: [mythsoc] Tolkien on Audio CD?

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  • bowring
    Jul 10, 2004
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      The Inglis recordings of the Lord of the Rings are fantastic--he improved
      considerably after the Hobbit recordings.
      You can always do like I did: borrow them from the library.

      >===== Original Message From "Leelan" <modeltsar@...> =====
      >Maybe this topic won't start a flame-war...
      >Since it isn't possible or budgetwise to own ALL of Tolkien's works
      >on audio CD, which are the best to listen to and enjoy?
      >So far I have tried three different recordings of "The Hobbit".
      >The Rob Inglis recording was pretty good except that a few of the
      >dwarves should have stayed in the old dwarf's home, they sounded too
      >frail for such a quest. It lasts around eight hours (I think.)
      >There was another in a green box that might have been the BBC
      >version that was just too bad for words. There seemed to be a roving
      >reporter telling the story and interviewing the cast. Bilbo came
      >across as very tongue-in-cheek. I don't recommend it.
      >The third and best IMHO is an abridgement of "The Hobbit" read by
      >Nicol Williamson:
      >http://www.tolkiencollector.com/pages/record0060.html It is long out
      >of print but I managed to snag the album on eBay. And a friend found
      >a download of it on the Web and made a CD for me. All the dwarves
      >have rich deep voices - barely distinguishable but that's OK by me.
      >Gandalf's voice is powerful and mercurial - "Wizards are, afterall,
      >wizards." Bilbo is consistant and likeable. The orcs, elves, Bard
      >and the rest of the cast are well done as well. A very enjoyable
      >four hours.
      >I have yet to try an audio of "The Lord of the Rings" or "The
      >Silmarillion". That second version makes me a bit apprehensive about
      >shelling out +$50 just to try.
      >But I am willing. Do any of you have a recommendation for either
      >book on audio CD?
      >I have a +9-hour drive next weekend and could use a good audio book.
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