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12523RE: [mythsoc] Just got the joke!

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  • darancgrissom@sbcglobal.net
    Jul 9, 2004
      I think that the movie was the principal example in the original post. And
      yes I love that scene in The Dragon where the four greatest heroes in all
      the Shire are sitting at one table and everone else....Is impressed by a guy
      who grew a really big pumpkin. A big pumpkin is just not as impressive
      after you've deen an oliphant
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      --- Leelan <modeltsar@...> wrote:

      > Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pip look at each other and
      > those around them and are extremely aware of the
      gulf that separates them from their community.

      I think only Frodo has been set apart in this way,
      even though Sam, too, was a Ringbearer. All four are
      immediately welcomed back by their fellow hobbits, and
      are the leaders in the scouring of the Shire.
      Eventually, Sam is Mayor, Pippin the Thain and Merry
      the Master of Buckland. Frodo, who sacrificed most,
      was the one who had to give up the Shire so that it
      was saved for others, including Sam, Pippin and Merry,
      all their hobbit relations and the Bracegirdles,
      Boffins etc.

      > How can they go back to the way things were >after
      what they had seen and done?

      It's possible for them because they are hobbits. Most
      likely men and women wouldn't respond this way, for
      the most part, but hobbits differ from us big people.

      Also, they did not go back to the way things were.
      They arrived home to an unexpected horror, Sauron's
      touch felt in the Shire itself. As best they could,
      they took action to put things back the way they had
      been before the War of the Ring.

      >They can't. They had "seen the elephant" and >could
      not forget.

      Perhaps they could not forget, but experience is part
      of personal growth. They grew and changed, but not
      even Frodo lost his essence, his self, his hobbitness,
      his soul.

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