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12488Re: [mythsoc] Newest Greenman Review

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  • Jack
    Jul 7, 2004
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      >More puzzling was Tilendis whining about how boring the scholarly apparatus
      >was. And Jack Merry, reviewer of Swann's _The Road Goes Ever On_, is bored
      >by sheet music. Spare me from the easily bored, or at least spare me from
      >reviews about how easily bored they get.

      What I said was:

      Now before you run out as a Tolkien fan and purchase the 2002 edition which
      was released only in Britain by Harper Collins (with a CD of the songs to
      boot!) be advised that this is mostly sheet music, something that even most
      of the regular members of the Neverending Session in the Green Man Pub
      would find boring. Really boring. But if you're interested in a relatively
      practical look at how some of Tolkien's poetry is as song, this is the book
      for you.

      David, are you a fiddler? Most fiddlers including myself do not find sheet
      music all that exciting. If we did, than such tunes as Simon Jeffe's 'Music
      for a Found Harmonium' would never ahve come to be considered traditional
      by Irish musicians!

      Not everything Tolkien wrote is interesting. This work is a bit of a minor

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