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  • Leelan
    Jul 7, 2004
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      I was watching "The Return of the King" yesterday and it hit me! It is
      the scene near the end when the hobbits are having a quiet drink at
      "The Green Dragon" just before Sam gets up to propose to Rosie Cotton.

      Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pip look at each other and those around them and
      are extremely aware of the gulf that separates them from their
      community. Their shared experiences in the War of the Ring that those
      around them can't understand.

      I saw this and remembered an expression that I have heard in
      connection with soldiers who have come home from the War and what sets
      them apart.
      They have "seen the elephant" and are forever changed. No one can
      understand what they have seen unless they had seen it themselves.

      This hit me while watching Peter Jackson's hobbits. How can they go
      back to the way things were after what they had seen and done? They
      can't. They had "seen the elephant" and could not forget.

      But in this case, these hobbits have "seen the oliphaunt"!

      -Leelan Lampkins
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