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12480Re: [mythsoc] Newest Greenman Review

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  • Jack
    Jul 7, 2004
      >But nothing but ignorance can excuse Gray Walker's claim that J.E.A.
      >Tyler's _Complete Tolkien Companion_ is the one essential reference book on
      >Tolkien. There are many worse ones, but there's one that outshines it as
      >the sun does the moon. It's Robert Foster's _Complete Guide to
      >Middle-earth._ Has Walker even heard of it? It's the book on Christopher
      >Tolkien's reference shelf, and that should be recommendation enough for anyone.

      Now, now. Not everyone agrees on what is a good reference guide. And Grey never claimed to be a Tolkien expert, just
      a fan. What's more I suggest that simply because Christopher has something on his shelf doesn't mean that everyone
      else should have it too.
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