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12463RE: [mythsoc] Re: HP3 question w/ Spoiler answer

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  • darancgrissom@sbcglobal.net
    Jul 2, 2004
      I have been a fan of Spall since I saw him in a movie that was on
      Masterpiece Theater called "Shooting the Past" he played an eccentric
      curator of a photographic museum collection. I have been finding him in
      performances ever since. He is probably one of the ablest british character
      actors living today. Few people know him but he was in Last Samurai with
      Tom Cruise, also Vanillia Sky. He's got a part in the Series of Unfortunate
      Events movies with Jim Carrey. I won't even try to list is British
      performances but he is listed on Internet Movie Data Base (available by
      googling IMDB). The reason he was mentioned was probably because of the odd
      cult following he has here in the States

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