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12055Re: Jackson's Eowyn gets it

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  • lt260
    May 6, 2004
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      > "I can't help but think that there is literary precedence indeed
      for the
      > woman guised as a man, off to fight, and sometimes revealed and
      > not. I can't think of any examples though, it's just a fairytale

      Harry Turtledove and his "Guns of the South" series have a female
      Confederate soldier. She vacillates between fighting in the trenches
      and playing the hooker with the heart of gold. In one chapter she
      suffers dysentery with all the other lads and in another she is the
      romance enabler. This is in line with actual history in which
      females often fought in the wars; sometimes disguised as men and
      other times: not (Molly Pitcher and Margaret Corbin).
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