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12048Re: [mythsoc] Crossdressing heroines and other things that remain

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  • jamcconney@aol.com
    May 4, 2004
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      >So, yes, there is Jeanne d'Arc (who met a sad fate) and Mu Lan (whose story
      I never knew) but I feel as if there were others

      Well, there are all those Shakesperian comedy heroines--Rosalind, and
      whats-her-name in Twelfth Night and so on who disguise themselves as boys. The
      androgynous image seems to fascinate us. I once saw an entire book--can't remember
      the title--devoted to modern films in which a women plays a man (notably Linda
      Hunt in _Year of Living Dangerously_), or pretends/disguises herself as a man
      (_Victor/Victoria_), and though rarer, the other way around too (_Some Like it
      Hot_). In fact such films are so common they currently have a
      name--'gender-bender.' If you mean strictly warrior women, there's not a few of those, too,
      especially in the sword-and-sorcery sub-genre.

      There's an interesting sidelight in _Descent into Hell_ where Peter Stanhope
      suggests that the director of his play "do as Shakespeare did and dress your
      female chorus in exquiste male costume, creating something more wonderful than


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