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12047Crossdressing heroines and other things that remain

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    May 4, 2004
      So, yes, there is Jeanne d'Arc (who met a sad fate) and Mu Lan (whose story
      I never knew) but I feel as if there were others... but then, perhaps, it
      is just that I read LOTR early on, and Eowyn's tale was part of my literary
      foundation. Has anyone thought of others?

      Which brings me to the next point: It is sometimes said that Tolkien
      attempted, successfully I would say, to create a mythos for the English, of
      things that were and things that could have been. In some places people
      learn in school about things like the Iliad and the Odyssey, and cut their
      literary teeth on such ancient classics. That's not the case today, at
      least, not for any of the Yanks that I know. Maybe it's still true across
      the Pond, or in the more upscale private schools.

      So for me, Tolkien (and Kipling, and some of the stories of Robin Hood and
      Arthur) formed that base. I think some of the things that the old
      scholarship was meant to do was to familiarize us, not just with the plots
      and characters, but with themes and morals and what do you call them? The
      things that remain. And I think that Professor Tolkien gave us many of
      those things in LOTR. I never really thought about it until recent years,
      as I find out more and more of the "background" ... of the language history
      and the things that are sort of there, shadow-like, in the background.
      Like orcs, for example. And Gandalf.

      And then to my next thought, which will be anathema to some, so be
      prepared. I haven't read Order of the Phoenix yet and quite frankly am not
      about to read it tomorrow. I have too little reading time lately to delve
      into that tome. But aside from the editing that I hear it needs, OK it
      could have been tighter, what of the things that remain? That actions have
      consequences and that love endures and that sacrifices are not wasted and
      whatever and so on. I personally am dying to find out the connection
      between Hagrid and Dumbledore, and Snape and the Light and the Dark.

      I enjoyed Lewis many times, the Narnia books I mean. But I think we always
      need new. And perhaps it is possible that Rowling is the new for now?
      Lewis was new once. Tolkien was new once. I'm not saying Rowling is
      another Tolkien. Tad Williams would be closer, but even he is not the

      I would like to hear some more thoughts on Order of the Phoenix, if anyone
      is game. I remember earlier discussions but we can take it from another
      angle perhaps.

      Or the Dragonbone Chair books, although I've only read them once and of
      course that hardly counts as reading them! lol

      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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