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12037Re: [mythsoc] OT pen question multiple post

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    May 1, 2004
      Stolzi wrote:

      >I was tempted this very morning by a cuddly little Hedwig Owl which I saw in Barnes & Noble... like I need more tchotchkes in this house.
      There are never enough tchotchkes! Says she who has a stuffed "Fluffly"
      standing guard over the pen collection drawers by her computer <g>. If
      there is an earthquake while I'm in the "office" I would do best to run
      for the doorway to protect myself from all the flying stuff!

      And we got an Hedwig for Little Harold. It came with a "We are very
      proud of you" note clipped to it for graduation from middle school. It
      fits in well with his massive collection of stuffies of all kinds in his
      well cluttered bedroom.

      Do you notice a pattern here? :-D

      Mythically yours,
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