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12028RE: [mythsoc] OT pen question multiple post

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  • Larry Swain
    Apr 30, 2004
      Oh, I don't think its all that much of an advantage, it just makes me want to spend more of my hard earned dollars on wonderful pens instead of rent.


      > I never have either, but want one very badly. The chap at the store who
      > lets me sample it frequently assures me that there is no leaking and I've
      > not had one do so yet in the store. It seems to work on the same cartridge
      > type think that the recent disposable fountain pens do, except in a
      > slightly larger ball point barrel with spring. >>
      > Oooh, Larry, you're so lucky! You have a pen shop locally for test driving
      > these things? I'm this close to getting one (the pen, not the store).. but
      > their Falcon looks good too... and so does the Waterman Charleston... and
      > the Sheaffer Intrigue. But these things are not cheap. The gadget factor
      > of the vanishing point pen is very attractive, almost makes up for the nib
      > (IMO) not being as good as some others. I hope your shop gives a good
      > discount. Never buy these things at list price, never, never, never.
      > Oh... and hey all, in case anyone is googling... the vanishing point pen is
      > a Namiki. I have seen it marketed as Pilot, but you will get more hits as
      > Namiki. Someone with more business knowledge than I would be able to pick
      > up the name overlap thing.
      > OK... and if anyone really wants to reflect on eye candy... go to joon.com
      > (or your favorite pen site), and look at, say, the sterling silver dragon
      > etched Namiki. Wish I could see that in person. Do you think one would
      > write more mythically with an Oriental dragon twined around one's pen? And
      > not the big heavy one in the Toscano catalog either.
      > I think sometimes some pens do help, though... the ones that seem to let
      > our words fly across the page... but they can't be predicted, and they
      > can't always be repeated.
      > Lizzie Apgar Triano
      > lizziewriter@...
      > amor vincit omnia
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