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12011Anybody read Italian?

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  • Edith.Crowe@sjsu.edu
    Apr 23, 2004
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      I have just received via Lee Speth a handwritten letter to the Mythopoeic
      Society that is in Italian. Since neither Lee nor I read Italian, we are
      fairly clueless as to its meaning. Even were I willing to spend the time
      re-typing the whole thing into Google's translator, I'm dubious about a
      service that translates "il Signore degli Amelli" (which I suspected meant
      Lord of the Rings) into "the getlteman of the amelli" [sic]. I

      Anybody want to volunteer to read it and give me the gist so I can reply
      (in English)? If so, contact me off-list with your address and I'll send
      you a copy with my thanks.

      Edith L. Crowe
      (408) 808-2037 | edith.crowe@...

      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society

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