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1196Re: On the trail of hobbits?

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  • ERATRIANO@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2000
      I'm a "naturalized" German/English type (thank you for that info on Cousin
      George), around five and a half feet tall and all the men on my side of the
      family are 6' or over BUT I married a Northern Irish/Sicilian and most of the
      men on the Sicilian side are shorter than me, and of the Northern Irish some
      seem very short and others very tall (been there to visit the family)... not
      that you care... AND when doing the hitchhiking / train thing in 1985, my
      friend and I noticed, crossing the borders coming up from France into
      Germany, that everyone suddenly got a few inches taller on average. Didn't
      go into Italy and Greece. It's a pretty noticeable trend, if you are just
      blundering around prepared to notice it.

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