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1179silly millimeter

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  • David Lenander
    Mar 3, 2000
      Maybe a misprint for "full centimeter"? Or how about, "a silly millimeter

      Stolzi@... wrote:

      > From: Stolzi@...
      > Today I received the following amazing communication in an e-mail newsletter:
      > > As a result of public health, today the
      > > average American is a full meter taller than European ancestors were
      > > in 1400.

      Re: the stats forwarded by Wendell (?) where are all of these short Americans
      who bring down the average to 5' 9" ? From my observations, there are FAR more
      men around taller than 5-9, taller than 6 feet, for that matter, than shorter
      than I am (I pretend to 5-6). And I really meet few men as short as I am, or
      even just a little bit taller at 5-7 or so. The stats for women seem similarly
      skewed. While I do meet women shorter than I am, I certainly encounter many
      much taller. Maybe we have taller people in Minnesota than in other parts of
      the country? If the average height of women is 5-3, then the vast majority of
      women I meet should be shorter than I am, and I don't think that's at all the
      case. I would guess that most women I meet are my height or taller.

      Also, while we don't have to worry too much about suits of mail or armor, men's
      pants are mostly sold in inseams of 30" or even 32" minimum (sometimes you can
      find 28"), if there are all these short men out there, of 5' 4" and 5' 2" or
      whatever, to balance 6' 4" men in achieving our average height of 5-9, why don't
      retailers sell pants in shorter lengths? (I realize that there are boys' sizes
      out there, too).
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