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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Mar 23, 2004
      This is good to know -- thanks! Sounds like an interesting assortment of


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      _Mythlore_ is now published twice a year (the 2003 issues were published
      and June or July). The next issue, Vol. 92, is in process and should be
      within a month, and it will be, perhaps, a bit thicker than in the past.
      Vol. 93 will be published anytime from late summer to December.

      Vol. 92 will include the following articles:

      _His Dark Materials_: A Look into Pullman's Interpretation of Milton's
      _Paradise Lost_, Karen D. Robinson
      A Note on Charles Williams's Phillida, Joe R. Christopher
      Lewis's _Screwtape Letters_: The Ascetic Devil and the Aesthetic God,
      D. Harwood
      "The young perish and the old linger, withering": J.R.R. Tolkien on
      War II, Janet Brennan Croft
      _The Lord of the Rings_ as Elegy, Patrice Hannon
      A Larger World: C. S. Lewis on Christianity and Literature

      and possibly:

      So Familiar, Yet So Strange: Mythic Shadows of the Medieval
      _Gawain_-Romance in Iris Murdoch's _Green
      Knight_, Carla Arnell



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