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1178Re: [On the trail of hobbits?]

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  • Jane Bigelow
    Mar 3, 2000
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      Yes, and can't you just picture our teeny tiny ancestors clambering up & down
      those killer castle stairs? Why *do* you suppose they made the risers so high
      if they were so short?

      Pity about the horses--I don't suppose the most expert taxidermy would have
      lasted that long, though. Were they the ancestors of today's Miniatures, do
      you suppose?

      BTW, apologies for including the entire previous post, but I honestly don't
      see where to snip it & leave my comments clear.


      Stolzi@... wrote:

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      Today I received the following amazing communication in an e-mail newsletter:

      > As a result of public health, today the
      > average American is a full meter taller than European ancestors were
      > in 1400.

      To which I replied:

      >What in G-d's name are they talking about?? The =average= American won't
      >reach 6 feet, I am sure. A meter is, if I recall, 3 feet 4 in. Thus, our
      >ancestors were an amazing bunch of hobbits running around measuring
      >in the 2 feet, 2 feet 6 in, 3 feet range?

      I can just imagine the 2-foot-long suits of armor and the 2 1/2-foot-tall
      horses they were using in those days of chivalry... there must be some in
      museums, the armor, I mean, not the horses.

      Mary S

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