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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Mar 12, 2004
      Elizabeth Apgar Triano wrote:

      > Ohhhhhhh kay so maybe I should be looking at reader services. That sounds
      > to me like an even worse can of worms though. Respectable willing pals
      > aside, how would I look for someone to read my work and give me a basic
      > opinion? Under what heading would that be and how would I figure the fees?

      It would help if you gave more specific information. Is your work
      fiction or nonfiction? Fantasy or memoir?

      Going to someone who will read your work and give an opinion for a fee
      can get quite expensive. I've looked into this and it can cost $1000.
      David's right...the best thing you can do is to get into a writer's
      group and get an opinion. If your work is fantasy, the science fiction
      and fantasy workshop, run by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, offers such
      critique groups (for free or a very nominal fee). You can get in touch
      with the workshop through the link at my personal website, below.

      Yes, it's hard to get a work published. Large traditional publishers
      have all but stopped reading unagented works, and agents aren't
      accepting new clients, either. (I sent queries for one of my fantasy
      novels to about 25 agents I found in the SFWA directory this past
      September...not one of them was interested. I got form rejections from
      the vast majority of them.)

      Self-publishing sf and fantasy can be tough. I'm a small publisher of sf
      and fantasy (see http://www.ftlpublications.com) and only one of my
      fiction titles has sold over 300 copies. (A nonfiction title has sold
      over 500 copies, but that's over a period of 8 years.) I've networked
      with other sf and fantasy micropublishers and the story seems pretty
      much the same everywhere...very low sales.

      If you just want to see your work in print, there are a number of places
      that will do it. If you want copies to sell beyond immediate friends and
      family, that would take a lot of effort, and even that effort might not
      result in large sales.

      So it's best to do your research beforehand, so that, at least, your
      expectations are realistic.

      Joan Marie Verba
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