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11743Re: [mythsoc] self publishing

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Mar 12, 2004
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      Unless you want to become a publisher, you shouldn't have to learn about
      those things. If the big publishers don't buy your fiction, try smaller
      ones. If they don't, write something new, or join a writers' group, or try
      short stories, or something. There aren't small specialty markets for
      fiction the way there are for non-fiction on specialized subjects.
      Beginner self-publishing of fiction serves no purpose except to gratify the
      author's ego and sell a few copies to a few of her friends: it won't get it
      out to an audience. Unless there's something really extra-special about
      the work, and if there is, it WILL eventually sell to a real market if you
      only let it. >>

      Ohhhhhhh kay so maybe I should be looking at reader services. That sounds
      to me like an even worse can of worms though. Respectable willing pals
      aside, how would I look for someone to read my work and give me a basic
      opinion? Under what heading would that be and how would I figure the fees?

      I still think the vanity press is the way to go...

      Lizzie Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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