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11707Re: [mythsoc] self publishing

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  • David Bratman
    Mar 10 7:07 PM
      Lizzie, there's been a lot of discussion of various different things under
      the same header in this discussion, and it's potentially confusing.

      If you pay a printing company to do the printing, but you do everything
      else yourself - editing, layout, distribution and promotion - that's

      If you pay a company to do the rest of that stuff - the editing, layout,
      distribution, promotion, etc. - that's called "a rip-off." Don't fall for
      it, because all they'll do is over-change you and then hawk the overpriced
      book to your friends.

      Xlibris is actually a glorified printer that puts its own imprint on the
      book, so if you work with them you're really self-publishing. But a lot of
      companies that sound superficially like it (notably an infamous firm called
      PublishAmerica) are actually rip-offs.

      Full details on self-publishing vs. scams came up in a weblog discussion
      hosted by the indefatigible Tor Books editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden, at

      - David Bratman

      At 09:13 PM 3/10/2004 -0500, Elizabeth Apgar Triano wrote:
      >Thank you, everyone. I thought self publishing was any time that one paid
      >a company to print one's books, whether the old way or the print-on-demand
      >way. All the extra services are so much gravy, although definitely welcome
      >gravy. Anyway, it definitely sounds like I have some serious research to
      >do on the subject. I appreciate all the websites and other information.
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