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11699Re: [mythsoc] self publishing

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Mar 10, 2004
      The Mythopoeic Society uses Bookmobile http://bookmobile.com/ All our
      books from the the Walsh Lewis book on have been printed there.

      Examples are as near as your collection of Mythopoeic Press
      Publications. :-)

      Joan and Scott are the ones who have worked directly with them. I just
      pay the bills and enjoy the product.

      Good Luck on your project!

      Mythically yours,

      Elizabeth Apgar Triano wrote:

      >Has anyone published a book via one of the POD services, for example
      >XLibris? Would you recommend any particular service based on that
      >experience? Where would I be able to see books that have been published in
      >this manner, besides online?
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