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11697Re: [mythsoc] self publishing

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  • JP Massar
    Mar 10, 2004
      >I haven't seen anything from Xlibris that I can recall, though I have
      >seen books from iUniverse and they appear to be sound, at least.
      >Publishing from Xlibris or iUniverse isn't self-publishing, technically
      >speaking. If you publish with Xlibris or iUniverse, they are the

      Technically perhaps. But legally, I think you are the publisher.
      You continue to own all the rights, etc.

      My partner published a book through Xlibris three years ago or so,
      and this was the way it was then.

      (I see that it is listed on Amazon as Publisher: Xlibris Corporation,
      I don't know what to make of that)

      I thought the quality of the cover and of the book was excellent.
      It came out really nice.

      Things may have changed a lot in three years, of course. I know
      their prices went up...
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