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11668RE: [mythsoc] Gibson's movie

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  • Jay Hershberger
    Mar 9, 2004
      This is not an observation about the movie. I just heard two lectures in
      Fargo given by Joseph Pearce (Tolkien: Man and Myth). He recounts that
      according to the calendar of Middle Earth the One Ring was unmade on March
      25th. This coincides with the Feast of the Anunciation. There is also,
      according to Pearce, a Medieval tradition that places the crucifixion of
      Christ on the 25th of March. Pearce believes that Tolkien was deliberate in
      placing the unmaking of the ring on this date as one of the ways in which
      LOTR was a "fundamentally religious and catholic work...especially in the

      Interesting thoughts, no?


      Jay Hershberger

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      For discussion on Gibson's movie, I'd suggest trying another list.
      (SpareOom on Yahoo groups was discussing it for a time.)

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