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1145Re: New Beowulf

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  • Steve Schaper
    Feb 28, 2000
      At 10:52 PM -0500 2/28/00, David S. Bratman wrote:
      >From: "David S. Bratman" <dbratman@...>
      >On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan wrote:
      >> Since this one has done so well in England, may be they will
      >>translate some of
      >> the other Old Stories? I'd like to see them too.
      >The sad fact is that there's nothing else like Beowulf in Old English
      >literature, and we almost didn't have Beowulf, either: it survives in a
      >single manuscript of unknown provenance, which almost burned in a fire
      >some 400-500 years ago, long before it was adequately transcribed.
      >There probably were other great Old English epics that _didn't_ survive,
      >of which we have only tiny surviving hints: Wayland the Smith, for
      There are some nice fragments from the School of Cynewulf, but
      nothing like Beowulf.

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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