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11435Research on LotR Films

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Feb 3, 2004
      I'm passing this on from another list with the researcher's permission.
      Her email is in the body of her message:

      I am currently doing research on non-fans of the film, "Lord of the
      Rings: Return of the King," as part of a broader project exploring what
      it means to be a non-fan of films that have become mass entertainment

      If you did not like the film, or didn't even want to see it, could you
      please e-mail me back with your comments on what it was that you didn't
      like about the film, or the whole trilogy, and why? My e-mail is

      Thank you!

      Peggy Tally

      Janet Brennan Croft

      Head of Access Services

      University of Oklahoma

      Bizzell Library NW104

      Norman OK 73019


      fax 405-325-7618


      http://libraries.ou.edu/ <http://libraries.ou.edu/>



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