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  • tghsaw
    Feb 1, 2004
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      > >I've often thought that Frodo sacrificing himself at Mt.
      > >Doom to destroy the ring would be a plausible ending for LOTR.
      > No, because that would be suicide, and completely antithetical to
      > morality. Even Gollum doesn't commit suicide, though in the drafts
      > does consider the idea of having Gollum do so.

      No, if that had been necessary for the Ring's destruction, Tolkien would
      have considered it self-sacrifice, not suicide. It would be akin to a
      soldier throwing himself on a hand grenade to save others. "No greater

      Tolkien gets into some speculation himself, on what might have happened if
      Gollum hadn't been present. One possibility he mentions is that Frodo might
      have been able to recover himself--for a moment--after the Ring's takeover,
      and realizing that he wasn't able to throw the Ring into the fire would have
      jumped in with it. This wasn't necessary because Gollum was
      present--because of the mercy of Bilbo, Frodo and, finally, Sam. [I don't
      have the Letters at hand, but IIRC it's in the later part of letter #246.]

      If Frodo had chosen to jump in even though it wasn't necessary (say, because
      he felt he couldn't live without the Ring), that would be a completely
      different situation--and suicide.

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