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  • Matthew Winslow, The Blue-Woaded One
    Nov 24, 1998
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      I'm reading it out loud to my wife right now -- about on page 150.

      I'm a huge Lawhead fan. I really enjoy his writing, especially the Pendragon "trilogy" (yeah, I know there're five books now, but the first three hold together strongly as a unit with the next two as "add-ons"). For the interested, there's a lively Lawhead discussion list (http://www.aracnet.com/~petercj/srl/).

      My first comment is that the thing was probably *not* copyedited. So far I've found dangling modifiers, Robert Louis Stephenson, and some really *glaring* typos. (I'm an editor by profession, so these things really stand out to me.)

      As for the book, it doesn't look like one of Lawhead's better books. By far not his worst, but not something great. The whole "1899" sub-plot seems (so far) to be one huge cliche. By page 150, there *still* isn't any great forward movement of the narrative. That whole first book could have been pared by about half of its 120 pages and achieved the same results. Instead, its length makes it read more like a Jordan (ugh) novel.

      But the story is slooowly starting to pick up speed and interest. Both Alexius and Murdo are well-rounded and fascinating characters. Everyone I know who's finished it really enjoyed it, so maybe it picks up.

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      On Tue, 24 Nov 1998 09:06:18 director wrote:
      >From: director@...-wi.org
      >I've just signed up for this new list. I'm a public library director in
      >Wisconsin. I've just finished reading Stephen Lawhead's new book "The iron
      >lance" which I found quite enjoyable. Anybody else read this yet?
      >Matthew R. Williams
      >Watertown Public Library
      >Watertown, Wisconsin
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