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10936Re: Faithfulness to Tolkien

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jan 4, 2004
      On Jan 4, 2004, at 8:46 PM, Michael Martinez wrote:

      > For example, at one point, they wanted to know how the Elves would
      > have rendered numbers. The only example I could find was in Aragorn's
      > letter to Samwise. Oops. Can't use it.

      First, this sort of thing is not at all what I consider important in
      terms of faithfulness to Tolkien or the book. The new reader of
      Tolkien's novel knows no more than what Tolkien put into the book; a
      filmmaker needs no more than what Tolkien put into the book to be
      faithful to it. The sort of faithfulness that concerns me, and that
      Jackson and Boyens had no concern for (or, perhaps, awareness of)
      whatsoever, can be gleaned from my movie review of earlier today.

      Second, if this sort of reasoning were of any concern to the
      filmmakers, they have violated their legal limits repeatedly: for
      example, most of the pseudo-Sindarin dialogue fabricated for the movie
      utilizes information found only in the _Etymologies_, which was
      published in _The Lost Road_. Apparently, the filmmakers had no qualms
      with using such unlicensed sources.
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