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10879Lewis' Letters to Children

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  • Ginger L. Hysell
    Dec 31, 2003
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      I just read the "Letters to Children" by CS Lewis and passed it on to
      my mom for Christmas. What a wonderful compilation! I think in writing
      for children Lewis shows how simple his most profound ideas are, whether in
      Narnia or this world. It surprised me how many times the ideas he had gone
      to great lengths to flesh out in Screwtape and other books were so simply
      put into use in these letters.
      Anyway, I just thought I'd send this out as a recommendation for a
      quick holiday read that really made me smile at times, and certainly made
      me want to write to my little nephew.


      Ginger L.Hysell
      Mill Creek Middle School
      Dexter MI
      7th grade English, Newspaper, and Drama

      "To be ignorant is not such a shame as to be unwilling to learn." - G. W.
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