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107Re: ADMIN: List review

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  • David Lenander
    Feb 24, 1999
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      Responding to the message of <92219.verba001@...>
      from mythsoc@onelist.com:
      > From: "Joan Marie Verba" <verba001@...>
      [. . . .]
      > As for list volume, the difficulty here is not a list with too much
      > traffic, but too little. . . .I would not anticipate this list becoming a
      > high-traffic list anytime in the near future, and would therefore encourage
      > ideas which might increase the number of on-topic posts, not to make this
      > a high-traffic list, but to avoid people unsubscribing because days or
      > weeks pass with no posts.

      If we started to see too much traffic, could you probably establish a separate
      mythopoeic book discussion list?

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