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10532Re: Re: [mythsoc] Heaney's Beowulf or someone's Hiawatha?

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  • alexeik@aol.com
    Dec 3, 2003
      In a message dated 12/3/3 3:36:08 PM, David Bratman wrote:

      <<A recording of the whole Kalevala read in Finnish might require some
      tracking down and might not be worth the trouble for the merely curious,
      but if you just want an easy way to hear some of it and get some great
      music into the bargain, may I suggest acquiring a CD of Jean Sibelius's
      choral-orchestral suite "Kullervo"? I recommend the Naxos recording
      conducted by Jorma Panula. The booklet has the original text plus

      Another fun recording in the same vein is that of the contemporary Finnish
      composer Einojuhani Rautavaara's oratorio _Sammon ryötsö_ (The Myth of the
      Sampo), which is a setting for vocal soloists, chorus and electronic sounds of the
      section of the _Kalevala_ that deals with the three hero-brothers' expedition
      to Pohjola (Lapland) to obtain the magical object called the Sampo. The music
      is very expressive and well-suited to its legendary subject, besides giving a
      good sense of what the verses of the _Kalevala_ sound like in Finnish. It also
      comes with the original text plus translation.
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