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10528RE: [mythsoc] Some questions for a Thesis

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  • Croft, Janet B
    Dec 3, 2003
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      It seemed pretty clear to me that his thesis was almost complete and he was
      looking for a few comments from general readers to beef up some of his
      conclusions. (Maybe he'd been directed to do so by his thesis advisor?)
      Didn't sound too unreasonable to me - I often poll library discussions lists
      at some point in a paper I'm writing to see what other people are thinking
      and if I'm on the right track or not, or to support my conclusions with
      evidence from what I clearly label "an informal poll of such-and-such a
      list". I may or may not use their comments but credit them if I do. But
      that said, Mr. Karpouzian should know, as Wendell points out, that this list
      does skew more scholarly and the responses he gets here will differ from
      those on more general fan lists.

      Janet Brennan Croft


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      > I would hardly ask someone to 'do my homework' for me.

      It's not clear what you wanted in your post. Are you just trying to do a
      survey of what Tolkien fans think about the issues you mention in your
      That's a reasonable thing to ask, although if you're going to report the
      results of this survey in your thesis, you should mention that this isn't a
      scientific survey of a representative sample of Tolkien fans. (In
      particular, the
      people on this list are considerably more well-read on Tolkien than the
      average person who calls themself a fan.) It sounded like you were asking
      for ideas
      to use in your thesis, which is asking for someone to do your homework.

      Wendell Wagner

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