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10515Re: [mythsoc] Heaney's Beowulf or someone's Hiawatha?

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  • David S. Bratman
    Dec 2 8:32 PM
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      At 12:09 PM 11/29/2003 , Carl F. Hostetter wrote:
      >Be it noted that "Hiawatha" is (approximately, and deliberately) in the
      >meter of the Finnish national epic, _Kalevala_, that was a huge
      >influence on Tolkien's mythology (underlying, _inter alia_, the story
      >of Túrin).

      This meter sounds a lot better in Finnish than it does in English, by the way.

      At 10:05 AM 12/1/2003 , alexeik@... wrote:
      >Longfellow based his story on Ojibwe mythology
      >(quite unrelated to anything Iroquois), where the character he referred to as
      >"Hiawatha" is actually called Wenabozho. Longfellow liked the Iroquois name
      >better, apparently, and arbitrarily substituted it for the original name.

      In that, Longfellow showed good taste.

      - David Bratman
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